Gurukul Vidyapeeth Institute of Engineering & Technology, Banur
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Academic Excellence

Gurukul Vidyapeeth Institute of Engineering & Technology is a premier institute for higher learning of engineering education in India as well as Vedic Education. Read More

Unique Programs

Gurukul Vidyapeeth has Degree/Diploma in Various Engineering courses & in Computer Applications. Graduation & Post Graduation in Business Administration. Read More

Vedic Education

Crafting good professionals with holistic personality. Gurukul Vidyapeeth not only imparts technical education but emphasis is laid on Vedic Education as well. Read More

100% Placements

Gurukul Vidyapeeth has 100% Excellent Placement record in all B.Tech Streams with higher packages in our all Engineering Unique Programs. Read More

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Gurukul Vidyapeeth

  • Our Vision

    Gurukul Vidyapeeth is to provide intellectually well developed, Spiritually oriented, morally upright and socially concerned citizens for India and to prepare the students to achieve all above qualities by maintaing Ancient Indian Cultural Values.
  • Our Mission

    To prepare students with capacities and creativity to have new thoughts, new horizons and analytical capabilties so as to enable them to achieve the objectives of business and society. To imbibe the students to incalculate the qualities of human values and achieve greater heights keeping their humilty intact. To make them true professionals and efficients corporate managers so they become responsible corporate citizens. To have an effectivetteam with a zeal and enthusiam for achieving results in the fiercely competitive world.
  • Our Motto

    To Craft Job Creater Rather Than Job Seekers
  • Our Oath

    शिक्षा मनुष्य को श्रेष्ठ बनाती है तथा अध्यात्म उसे तेजोमय कर देता है| गुरुकुल विद्यापीठ एक ऐसा संस्थान है जो विद्यार्थिओं को सर्वगुण सम्पन्न बनाने के लिए वचनबद्ध है |इस प्रयास मे हमने अत्याधुनिक स्तर की लैब्स तथा वर्कशॉप ही नही स्थापित की, अपितु माँ सरस्वती का मंदिर , श्री गुरुद्वारा साहिब , मेडीटेशन हॉल , गौशाला एवं यज्ञशाला को भी कैम्पस मे विशेष स्थान दिया है, ताकि हमारे विद्यार्थी न केवल अच्छे प्रोफैशनल ही बने बल्कि अच्छे नागरिक भी बने, जो आज समाज की सबसे बड़ी आवश्यकता है|

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