1.The student is required to behave according to norms at all times. The Institute has the right to take corrective and disciplinary action if the student misbehaves with any fellow student, staff and even outsider or if any act is in contravention of the norms of Gurukul Vidyapeeth.

2.The student is prohibited to pass judgements either in public or during private conversation without ascertaining facts from authentic sources. He will have to be courteous and polite towards faculty, STAFF And Colleagues at all times.

3.The examination system at Gurukul Vidyapeeth is as strict as it should be. In case of any student being found indulging in malpractice, the authorities may not administer warning, accept excuse or give opportunity to explain but will punish as per rules.

4.Smoking, Drinking and Drugs are not allowed in the College Campus / Hostel. Violation of these rules will be dealt with strictly and may even lead to expulsion from Institution.

5.The student is required to understand that he/she is to learn and develop him/herself into a professional - Engineer, Manager and Leader with a sense of responsibility towards society. He/She will fully subscribe to the concern, purpose and the processes at the institute which are in place and general to the requirements and benefits of students.

6.A prescribed dress code which has been enforced on all working days is to be followed. The students should dress up decently and in a dignified manner befitting a future professional on the rest of the days.

7.All co-curricular activities including conferences, seminars, etc. are compulsory to attend which are aimed at learning by doing and experiencing.

8.Any decision taken by the institute is in the interest of the students and every student shall abide by all the decisions of the Director / Principal and faculty, although he/she may disagree personally or dislike certain aspects. However, the students can exercise the right to get clarification and being heard or to be consoled.

9.Any changes in the curriculum, fee structure, procedure and processes which may have to be modified from time to time by the University / Institution, will be applicable to all students.

10.Only limited use of the mobile phone in campus/hostel is allowed. Any violation related to mobile's misuse in class / campus hostel will be dealt with as per the rules of the institution. The mobiles with camera are banned in the campus.

11.The rules and regulations and code of conduct are meant to make the association with the Institute more effective and with a sense of purpose and commitment.

12.Yogs Classes are must for all the hostlers (Boys & Girls).

*Note: In case of any kind indiscipline or misbehave of student with Staff /Management not to be tolerated, then mgmt reserves the right to suspend or even expell from the institute & hostel.
The following Prohibitions must be adhered to :
a) Mobile phones with camera are strictly banned at the Gurukul Vidyapeeth campus, in buses & hostels. Anyone found in possession of the mobile phone with camera, whether in-use or in switched off mode, will be fined.
b) Use of any mobile phones in any of the academic blocks is strictly prohibited. Anyone found using mobile phone in any of the academic building (including class rooms, tutorial rooms, labs, corridors etc.) will be fined.
c) Use of mobile phones outside the academic blocks during academic hours is also prohibited.
d) Playing of music from mobile phones at Gurukul Vidyapeeth campus, in hostels and buses is also prohibited.
e)Sending and circulating indecent material through SMS & MMS is prohibited within the entire Gurukul Vidyapeeth campus or outside. Anybody found with a mobile violating this rule will be fined.
f) Earphones / Bluetooth or any type of other accessories are not allowed.
g) If any student is using laptop then no objectionable material should be available in it.
h) Wi-Fi facility of internet is given only for academic use, downloading of movies & other prohibited sites is not allowed & will be fined. The student may use only simple, noncamera phone at the Gurukul Vidyapeeth campus during the lunch break outside the academic block or after college hours, in buses or hostel.
*Note: In case of violation of instructions for the Mobile use, the student will attract the following penalty
1. Possession of Mobile phones with camera & MMS facility in use or in switched off mode - Rs. 10,000/- or confiscation of Mobile.
2. Use of mobile phones in academic blocks and/or using mobile phone during academic hours - Rs. 1,000/-.
3. Playing of loud music from mobile phone, at Gurukul campus, hostels or in buses - Rs. 1,000/-.
4. Possession of mobile with indecent SMS & MMS - Rs. 2,000/-.
5. Possession of Mobile with Earphones / Blue tooth or any type of other accessories - Rs. 1,000/-
*NOTE : The above fine will be treated as Disciplinary Security and would be adjusted towards the fee of last Semester and warning will be issued to the student under intimation to parents. However, if caught second time, the half of the amount would be forfeited and if caught third time, balance of the amount will be forfeited and mobile / accessories will be confiscated and every time information will be sent to parents. Confiscated items shall be returned on the completion of programme / course.