Hostel - Gurukul Vidyapeeth

A home away from home

Hostel, a holistic living mbience contributes significantly to superior academic performance. The accommodation provided by the institution is designed to provide a spirit of ndependence and freedom and yet is ssecure and caring as home. The hostel accommodation mpuspromotes a quality life style and sustain it at every step. Recreation rooms equipped with television, newspaper and comfortable seating are an instant hit with all residents. All accommodation is on campus or within walking distance. We are constantly upgrading and improving our accommodation to ensure that we can offer the quality and facilities we know you will expect.

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Hostel Rules

1. Only those students of Gurukul Vidyapeeth, who have completed the required formalities and have submitted the requisite hostel fee, will be allowed to stay in hostel. The hostel facility is provided for one complete academic year and the student will have to take Re-admission after every academic year.

2. Hostel fee once deposited will not be refunded.

3. The hostel charges include the electricity (except extra facilities), water, mess charges (standard diet) and snacks as per the approved menu.

4. Hot water will be supplied during the winters in the fixed timings only.

5. Each student will be issued a bed / table / chair and cupboard which should not be exchanged with any other hostellers. Damage to the hostel property / furniture / electronic equipments will be recovered in amount equivalent to the damage made or it will be deducted from hostel security deposited by student.

6. The hostellers must take care of their valuables and belongings. The authorities will not be responsible for any loss of valuables.

7. Non-vegetarian food is not served in the hostel mess and no one is allowed to bring any such eatables from outside.

8. Listening to loud music, talking loudly, making undue noise and use of speaker etc. is not allowed in the hostel.

9. Cigarette Smoking, Alcohol Consumption and Consumption of any other toxic substance is strictly banned. Any student or even his/her visitor if found smoking, drinking / in-drunken condition, will be fined Rs. 1000/- in the first instance and expulsion from the hostel in case of second instance.

10. Watching obscene or objectionable movies, items or browsing related sites in the hostel is prohibited and anyone caught will be fined Rs500.

11. Any student who is involving in any act of indiscipline with the staff or any fellow student will be expelled from the hostel for rest of his study period at the Institute and the entire hostel fee paid will be forfeited.

12. Ragging in any form in the Hostel is prohibited and in case, any student is found doing so, he will not only be handed over to police but also liable to be blacklisted and disciplinary action up to expulsion from the college considering the gravity of the nuisance .

13. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the hostels. It is the duty of the hostellers to ensure that visitor's detail in the Visitor's Registers are entered. The visitors are allowed to meet the students in the common room.

14. The student must arrive to the hostel latest by 8:00 PM, if returning from home or any other destination .Late arrivals will be allowed to enter the hostel with prior permission of the Hostel Warden.

15. Students should leave the hostel after completing the Hostel Leave Register and must complete the entry on rejoining the hostel in the register available in the Hostel.

16. Hostellers can leave the hostel only on producing the written permission from the Warden.

17. Hostel security Rs. 5000 will be charged extra against hostel / mess furniture & equipment.

18. Hostellers are required to be decently dressed up while moving on the campus and while visiting the canteen / mess etc.

19. All the hostellers must maintain discipline in the hostel mess. Mess timings as notified from time to time must be strictly adhered to by the students. No complaint for non-availablity of meals will be entertained, if mess timing are not followed.

20. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in submitted to the Hostel Warden between 8:00 to 8:30 pm and collect the same between 7:00 ro 8:00 am the next day.

21. No student is allowed to vacate the Hostel in any case without the written permission of the Principal / In-charge Hostel. For this a written application endorsed by the parents is required to be submitted through the warden at least two weeks prior to the date.

22. The visitors whose name is not given in the form will not be allowed to meet the students.

23. No student will be allowed to leave the hostel during the working days of the Institute. Any student who wants to go out of the hostel during the working days will be allowed only if parents / guardian visits personally to take the ward back.

24. In normal case, the student can visit parents / guardian on weekends after completing the necessary requirements as per hostel rules. Permission for leaving the hostel should be obtained in advance.

25. The students are expected to behave with decorum and pay due respect to the hostel Warden and other working staff members. They are expected to cooperate and help in case any emergency arises.

26. Those going home during holidays (after obtaining permission) are allowed to use the college bus service but the right of seat will remain with the daily Commuters.

27. Room coolers can be brought in the hostel but permission for use is allowed with additional charges.

28. Internet facility has been provided in the hostel. The students can access internet using their own laptops after the college hours.

29. A hostel inmate who is not performing in the academics i.e. appearing consecutively twice in bottom 10 list of the section, prepared after every sessional examination, will not be allowed to avail the hostel accommodation for rest of the years of his/her course.

30. Hostellers should ensure that no Day Scholar / Outsider enters into their room, if found, the hosteller will be held responsible and fined.

31. Laptops are allowed to be used in the hostels strictly for academic work up to 10.00 pm. Downloading of films or viewing of objectionable material from internet is not allowed.

32. Iron, electric kettle, electric razor and heating rods are not allowed. If on surprise visit, these items are found then fine will be imposed and items confiscated will be returned at the end of the session.

33. Any student found violating the hostel rules or involved in indiscipline activity in campus / hostel will not be allowed to avail the hostel facility in future.

34. Hostel facilities will be provided up to 31st of session end every year i.e. up to end of even semester exams period from 1st June to 15th July. During this period for the renovation and maintenance of the hostel no student will be allowed to stay in the hostel.

35. Generator facility will be charged extra. It is not included in the hostel fee.

36. A hostel student can go home only twice (two time) during a semester on specific time for specific duration. More than two visits will not be allowed.

37. Before going home student has to submit written permission of their parents or registered guardians by email /fax/registered post along with two ID proofs of parents /guardians.

38. For hostel students one time official outing is allowed on college buses along with their hostel wardens during non working day for shopping and purchase of their daily use items.

39. Only post paid connections of mobile phones are allowed for Girls in girls hostels . Girls are not allowed to use prepaid Sim cards.

40. In hostels Air cooling systems will be on from Ist April to 30th September during the year and geyser system will be on from 1st October to 31st March during the year.

41. Students staying in rooms will be reshuffled in every semester.

42. Hostel Security Refundable will be charged separately as per accommodation.

43. Hostel facility is available for 1st year students. For 2nd year students hostel will be provided on the basis of their conduct and merit.