The institution has a unique concept of an Institutional Guardian (IG). An IG is a faculty member who is the guardian of a student. The IG is the custodian of detailed information of a group of students, a guide and counselor to the students. The IG will lend a sympathetic ear to the issues and suggestions and problems as well as his/her listener of his/her suggestions and problems as well as his/her voice for carrying suggestions/problems to the Principal.

Why Institutional Guardian
Institutional Guardian facilitates flow of information to and from the students. Most students are hesitant in presenting their problems/suggestions and/or approaching the Principal and senior teachers for guidance.The IG is usually one of the teachers of that group of students and is in direct contact with them during classes, and hence is easily approachable.

Working Procedure
The Institutional Guardian system works with the following broad guidelines. All the students are divided into groups of 20 and allotted to a teacher.
All Institutional Guardians are given a copy of the latest registration form of their group of student in which they have to enter the relevant data pertaining to the students and it is to updated on a regular basis which includes sessional examination results.
In addition to the results, data from attendance monitors, list of students detained in last semester are also added to the files.