Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering and Construction are two of the most important and the diverse industries with a wide skills base and numerous career opportunities. Our Civil Engineering and Construction courses prepare students for a range of technical, professional and management careers in Civil Engineering and Construction. Students are provided with specialized studies which are directly relevant to their occupations in which they intend to seek their employment, enabling them to make an immediate contribution within the industries . Our teaching staff has all the attributes you would expect of members of a quality construction department. As one of our students, the students will benefit from their combined experience and know-how, gained from many years’ experience in the sector. With excellent facilities and expert lectures, Gurukul Vidyapeeth is able to provide students with the flexibility, knowledge skills, understanding and motivation needed as a basis for progression to further study or career opportunities.


To provide students with specialization in design principles and application, Science and Materials, Applied Mathematics, Managing Principles and Applications, Group project, Health safety and welfare, Geology and Soil Mechanics, Civil Engineering Technology, Structural Analysis and Design, Site Surveying Processes. To provide students the best of learning Techniques through a combination of formal and informal sessions, including practical, resource-based learning activities with tutorial back-up , together with work based learning .


Analog Communication Systems Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Surveying Laboratories
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Structural Engineering Laboratory
Concrete Technology Laboratory
Strength of Material Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory


Civil engineers enjoy wide career opportunities. Employment with a wide range of organisations such as local authorities, building contractors, power companies, environmental agencies and specialist consulting firms. You could also find work overseas with Govt. consulting firms.