Marine Engineering


Marine Engineers have the complete responsibility for the design, selection of equipments and systems, installation, nspection, maintenance and repair. Marine engineers have to work with naval architects during design and construction processes. Scope of marine engineering: There is a vast scope for the aspirants in terms of immediate jobs for one who have successfully completed the bachelor's degree in marine engineering. The role of a marine engineer mainly involves doing tasks related to the operation and maintenance of different machineries in a ship. These engineers have to deal with a wide range of systems such as diesel engines, gas turbines, boilers, steam turbines, heat exchangers, pumps, compressors, electrical machinery, hydraulic machinery, refrigeration machinery, electrical systems, automation and control equipments, fire fighting equipments, cargo handling systems and so on.


Marine engineers belongs to a field which harvests extremely lucrative but nevertheless challenging and interesting jobs. It offers the best opportunity for all those who like sailing and the sea. Marine engineering courses offer remunerative career options on and off shore. The role of a Marine Engineer involves many things, such as maintaining the propulsion unit of the ship and carrying out studies in diverse fields of marine archaeology. A gleaming career in teaching can also be carved out after undertaking post graduation courses in the underlying fields. Marine Engineers also have lucrative career options abroad. The American Bureau of Shipping, an internationally recognized organization, recruits freshers and trainees with almost no experience. The bureau deals with developing rules based on principles of naval architecture, marine engineering and related subjects. Other countries like France and U.K also recruit young marine engineers.


Some of the companies conduct campus recruitment for hiring freshers. Some of the topmost companies are:
- Anglo Eastern shipping Management Ltd.
- Barber Ship Management Ltd., Australia
- Chellaram Shipping pvt. ltd.
- Chevron Manning Services Ltd.
- Great Eastern Shipping
- Great Eastern Shipping
- Mitsui OSK Lines
- Mobile Shipping Co. Ltd.
- Neptune Orient Lines Pvt. Ltd.
- Nortrans pvt. ltd.
- Orinoco Marine Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
- Ravenscroft Shipping Inc.
- Seearland ship Management Ltd., Austria
- Shipping Corporation of India
- Varun Shipping / - V-Ships Inc.
- Wilco Ship Mgmt & Transport Pvt. Ltd.
Each company will have its own distinct criteria to recruit candidates.The recruitment process helps a number of eligible candidates to get placed and hence pursue a good career. The financial prospects of a career as a marine engineer is something that has to be seen in order to be believed. This is due to the essential reason that the money that is paid is done so in terms of dollars. The starting of this wonderful career as the fifth engineer fetches in a decent pay of 750 US dollars. And Chief Engineer which is around 6500 USD.


The starting salary for an entry level merchant navy job is Rs. 15000/- to 20000/- per month. It depends upon one's academic qualification and certification. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. offers stipend of Rs. 25000/- per month to fresh marine engineers. Experienced Marine Engineer's salary ranges between Rs. 509315 to Rs. 3667471 per annum. The median salary is Rs. 1500000 per annum.