Title of the course:

Master of Technology (Structural Engineering) as awarded by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.

An MBA is a highly recognised qualification that will equip you with managerial capabilities that are crucial in the current global environment and will help you maximize your potential. It wil provide you with insights into key areas of the business, and an exposure to strategic thinking that will enhance your employability.Taking on the challenges of an MBA means a certain level of personal investment, so we understand that you need to consider the long-term benefits before making a commitment. There are a variety of advantages that our students receive as a return on their investment. : In the current global setting, Gurukul Vidyapeeth is highly aware of the need for students to facilitate connections with both academics and professionals. These will be the people who help you strengthen and grow the circles that will shape your career. Our faculty is experienced and approachable and will help you engage with the study materials in order to reach the goals you set yourself.

Through your MBA you will develop project management and problem solving skills that you can use to gain a strategic perspective in your working environment. Industry experience and diversity are key components of an MBA and we find that our students graduate with an increased level of confidence, and are more able to participate in the decision making process,implement changes and manage increased levels of responsibility.